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Clear Vehicle Data (CVD) has launched Whole Life Cost Pro, a running cost comparison product for fleet operators, leasing companies, finance, manufacturers and dealers in the UK.

It is designed to assist fleets with vehicle selection, fleet policy list decisions and purchase negotiations.

It can also be used for benchmarking contract hire quotes and as a tool when negotiating vehicle sales or supply.

Features include a full vehicle configurator inclusive of options pricing and an ability to filter vehicles based on selected policy lists.

The software tools are supported by independent data compiled by International Decision Systems (IDS).

Core new vehicle data is sourced from vehicle manufacturers and forecasts are prepared by independent automotive industry experts.

Whole Life Cost Pro joins the established Lite and Business versions of the Whole Life Cost product, which also include company car benefit-in-kind and employer’s National Insurance calculators.

Ian Hare, CEO of CVD, said: “Pro now offers medium-sized and larger fleets the ability to formulate policy lists and to negotiate vehicle supply in detail with manufacturers and dealers.

“This is powerful cloud-based software, which joins our web-based products which are suitable for smaller fleet operators.

“This is also data that will assist anyone involved in the vehicle supply chain from manufacturers to dealers and leasing companies as well.

“Whether purchasing or selling vehicles, it allows the user of the tool and data to negotiate from a position of strength.”

Free data trials are available at www.wholelifecost.uk.com.