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Leading UK used-car search platform Cazana has announced its first US reseller partnership in a deal with Robinson Advisory, led by Ed Robinson the ex-CEO of BMW Financial Services USA.

The move is designed to support the automotive start-up’s expansion into the US market.

Tom Wood, Cazana CEO, said the partnership will grow the company’s revenues in the US market and help it show the benefits of realtime pricing and risk data in auto finance, leasing and insurance organisations in the US.

Wood said: "We have long recognised the US market as a huge opportunity for our innovative auto data. Having assessed a number of potential partners, we are excited to be partnering with Ed Robinson and his team, who are superbly well connected in the US auto leasing and manufacturer space. Together we see a significant opportunity in enabling finance and leasing products on new and older used vehicles and we're looking forward to growing the US market opportunity together."

Founded in 2012, Cazana originally set out to gain a better understanding of the prices of classic cars by using big data. Although it started as a hobby for founder Tom Wood, Cazana has become the largest car search and indexing engine for used cars on sale in the UK and now tracks millions of vehicles for sale across eight countries on a daily basis.

Cazana's search technology shows every car currently on sale, unearths hidden history on every vehicle and tracks a car’s value and history with a timeline of events from manufacturer to present day.

The company provides a wealth of real-time data to manufacturers, dealers, finance and leasing companies to help them better understand residual value risk and the changing prices of vehicles in the market.